The Swizzle Sisters: Greg Loeb, Donna Greene, Bill Rangel, Margie Nelson, John Douglas, Anne Shaw and Steve Carmel

What we do

The Swizzle Sisters repertoire is what you might call eclectic, but it's core is a combination of the 60's girl group sound and the sound of 40's jump swing. Add a healthy portion of straight ahead R&B and we're almost there.

Who we are

The Swizzle Sisters are Donna Greene, Margie Nelson, and Anne Shaw, all doing lead and harmony vocals. Greg Loeb is on guitar. Steve "Standup Jackson" Carmel plays electrified upright bass. John Douglas is on keyboard. And Bill Rangel is the drummer. That's it. These four musicians make all the noise to carry the music. Fortunately, the girls have become quite proficient at imitating the various instruments we don't bring with us. Horn section? No problem, we got yer horn section right here.

Where we are

We're based in Santa Barbara, California. You might see us at Cold Spring Tavern, Soho, Roy or Paradise Store. Many of our gigs are for private parties and corporate events at places like Fess Parker's Doubletree Hotel, the Coral Casino, the Valley Club, the Montecito Country Club and the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel.

What's our deal

We're a high-energy performance band, doing classic tunes of all different styles and all periods of music. We add our own special Swizzle twist with 3 part vocal harmonies and unique arrangements. From Billie Holiday to the Ronettes, there's something for everyone in what we do. We have a solid following because we have fun and it's contagious. People have a good time and keep coming back for more.

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