We had a blast at the Young at Heart performance at the Lobero (pictured left to right): The Rev. Jerome Smith, Sister Margie, Sister Anne, Jane Russell, Joe Bushkin, Diane Stevenett, Brian Slotnick-Lastrico, Sister Donna and Jeff Barry. Not shown: Peter Clark, Buddy Winston, Francia Gaunt, Roger Kellaway, Yue Deng, and the male Swizzle Sisters (sorry guys!).
(photo by Peter Clark)
From the wings at the Lobero
At the Winter Solstice Masked Ball, The Swizzle Sisters shared the stage with Jagadambe (Peter and Dana DeLong, Dion Estes, Kristo and Jack Lee). Sister Greg shown here with Dion and Kristo.
Sister Margie and Sister Anne looking gorgeous
Sister Greg with stars on his eyes and Sister Donna
That's it for now.
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